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​​Below is your access to the DriftWatch Specialty Crop Site Registry. The website tool includes many features that make DriftWatch easier to use​ and manage for crop producers, beekeepers and applicators.  There are step-by-step User Guides available as pdf downloads below to help users navigate the website.

Click the logo below to access the DriftWatch website, or go to www.driftwatch.org

DriftWatch User Guides
​Click on the files below to access the different User Guide chapters
for the new DriftWatch website.

DriftWatch User Guide:  Beekeeper Renewal Guide 
Apiary  Renewal Guide 2015

DriftWatch User Guide: How to renew your site(s)
Renewal Guide 2015

​DriftWatch User Guide: How to Sign Up or Login

Sign Up and Login​​

DriftWatch User Guide: Producer Pages

Producer Pages

​DriftWatch User Guide: Applicator Pages

Applicator Pages

To promote communication between producers of specialty crops, beekeepers and pesticide applicators in support of ongoing stewardship activities. 

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Annual Meeting - January 20, 2015

​​FieldWatch  is proud to host the 2015 Annual meeting in conjunction with Illinois Fertilizer and Chemical Association's Annual Convention at the Peoria Civic Center.  IFCA was one of the first FieldWatch Members and we are pleased to join them for their 50th Annual Convention.  The FieldWatch Annual Meeting will take place the afternoon of January 20, 2015.  For more information click on the Annual Meeting link to the left.