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DriftWatch User Guide:  Beekeeper Renewal Guide 
Apiary  Renewal Guide 2015

DriftWatch User Guide: How to renew your site(s)
Renewal Guide 2015

​DriftWatch User Guide: How to Sign Up or Login

Sign Up and Login​​

DriftWatch User Guide: Producer Pages

Producer Pages

​DriftWatch User Guide: Applicator Pages

Applicator Pages

To promote communication between producers of specialty crops, beekeepers and pesticide applicators in support of ongoing stewardship activities. 

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Communication + Cooperation +​ Collaboration = Successful Co-existence

Communication + Cooperation +​ Collaboration =

Successful Co-existence
DriftWatch is a communication tool, but that is just one element of a successful formula for successful co-existence of specialty producers, large scale commodity farmers, commercial and private applicators and beekeepers.  Communication is the start, but cooperation and collaboration of all parties is essential.  Sometimes it means compromise or adjustments that foster an environment that everyone can do what they need to do but in concert with the needs of others.

New Apiary Program In Missouri!!

  Check out the new Missouri Pollinator Conservancy Program initiated by University of Missouri Extension in collaboration with the Missouri Department of Agriculture, Missouri Farm Bureau, applicators, crop producers, beekeepers and FieldWatch.  New BeeCheck flags are available from FieldWatch for beekeepers who have approved apiary sites on DriftWatch.  Link for more information: MPCP